What to Expect

Beginning the Process

This is for in house work only. Not for welded cage kits.

After making initial contact, we will get you setup with what you car and you need. We can discuss every detail possible if needed. We have worksheets that we will go over with you to make sure nothing is missed.

We will then send a work estimate to make sure we are both on the same page as far as the amount of work to be completed is.

When your ready to go ahead with the work, we will collect a small deposit to hold your spot in line. We are a small company and take care in the details on the build. Some builds do go long. So a specific date will not be given until a couple weeks before. If you are in a rush we can facilitate that, but it will need to be discussed before hand.

Idealy we would like to meet you in person and let you check out the shop. We feel this helps with the process and lets us see the customer face to face. Discussing your goals is very important to us.

All cages can be certified before they leave. We have a NHRA inspector come to the shop if needed.


Next step is to design each cage to the driver and their needs

All of our cages are first drawn in CAD software for multiple reasons.

1. Allows us to make edits without bending a single bar.

2. Lets the customer see the cage before its done and discuss changes if needed.

3. All designs are strictly based off of the SFI requirements set by the NHRA. 

4. Most importantly, lets us see any safety concerns there may be and improve on past designs



The rest of the work is up to us!

We will update you with pictures and updates as we work and keep you in the loop as the progress continues!