25.5 Floor Structure with an 8.50 Cert.

Often we get asked what we would suggest for a cage at a certain power level or ET goal. Often the answer is pretty clear cut. But sometimes we have a customer who has large power goals later on down the road. But doesn't want a 25.5 cage in a street car currently.

When it 8.50 cage is built on plates without the 25.5 floor structure, upgrading to 25.5 leaves you with two less than ideal options
1. cut everything out and start over or
2. run all the tubes inside the car.

So this is what we have come up with to meet the current needs of the customer with the growth that will handle alot of power later on. A 8.50 with a 25.5 floor structure. Will certify to 8.50 and with the addition of the halo, secondary door bars, roof bar and certain gussets, will cert to 25.5 without much pain later on. We realize that adding a 25.5 to a car that has a 8.50 now is very common and can cause some headaches. But this style can alleviate alot of that! While this isnt a new idea. We get alot of questions about it and thought we could try and explain for those wonder about a few of the cars coming out of the shop with this option.

-Main hoop is welded to the #1 bar, Which is the main bar in the back that runs from rocker to rocker.

-This solution also prevents the cage being welded to the floor and requiring all tubes to be ran inside the car. Which isnt an issue in taller cars. But cars like Camaros that lack head room already, it becomes an issue.

-We can also drop the cage down to weld the tops of the cage. Allowing a tightly tucked cage.

-All bars are under the floor and tightly tucked.

We always recommended going this way if its in the budget. Because it saves the customer so much time and money later on.

Just another option from MRC!

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