MRC In-House Build Process

From simple seat mounts and other "small" projects to 8.50 cert installs, all the way up to 25.1 full rolling chassis, Moore Race Chassis has the team for your build! Our dynamic team excels in innovation, creativity, and precision. 

Starting the process for a build can be intimidating. Our team strives to make the process as efficient and painless as possible. We invite you to come tour our facility, meet our team, and discuss your project in-person. We love getting to know our customers and want to ensure that we have a full understanding of your build goals. We are happy to do the process via phone/email for customers that are not local to us. 

***This is for in-house builds only. If you are wanting information regarding having a Welded Chassis built, please visit our  Welded Chassis page***

  1. Initial Contact
  • Call us at 636-791-1541 or email to get the process started! 
  • Appointments are required for in-person project planning meetings.
  1. Project Planning
  • Our team will discuss your project at length. We want to know every detail about your current setup, current and future goals with your project, and your budget. Our goal is to come up with a build plan that is SAFE and accomplishes your goals. 
  • The Project Planning step takes several days for small projects and up to 2 weeks for large projects
  • We ask that you send current photos of your vehicle so that we can provide the most accurate estimate possible. 
  • Our team is highly experienced in estimates and will provide worksheets and lists of options if needed.
  • If you are unsure of what exactly you're wanting, our team is happy to provide the resources and guidance to ensure your project is headed in the right direction!  
  1. Estimate 
  • Our Fabrication Team will review your build goals and begin your estimate
  • Our estimates are itemized and exceptionally transparent
  • We do our absolute best to include as many details as possible in your estimate
  • We are happy to rework estimates as needed if you would like to look at multiple options for your project
  • We are a dealer for many companies including Strange, TBM, Motion Raceworks, and Merillat. We are happy to price products from these vendors as well as others and include that pricing in your estimate. 
  • When you are satisfied with your estimate we will send you the final estimate for approval with our Work Agreement
  1. Deposit and Scheduling
  • A deposit, signed work agreement and signed estimate are due before scheduling
  • Deposits are applied to the FINAL invoice
  • Schedules are tentative. Our scheduling team does their absolute best to evaluate our schedule regularly and provide customers with updates on any changes
  • If you have specific deadlines that you need us to adhere to (scheduled races and events, appointment with other shops, etc) please let us know as soon as possible so that we can ensure that we can meet your deadlines. 
  • Due to the nature of our industry, projects often take longer than initially expected. This is due to the majority of customers adding additional work to their build after drop-off. We do our best to schedule with this in mind, but we can't guarantee exact dates at the time of scheduling. 


  1. Drop Off 
  • In the weeks leading up to your drop off appointment, our team will arrange a drop off appointment. Drop offs are done by appointment only. We want to ensure that the approppriate staff is on site to receive your vehicle as well as go over your build in-person. 
  • Our team will go through your vehicle front to back and take notes to ensure nothing is missed. 
  • Our team will review your estimate with you and verify that we have a comprehensive list of all work to be done. 
  • Additional work that was not included in the original estimate will be put through the estimate process. Our team will provide and estimate for the additional work to be done. The estimate must be approved before the work can be added to the work order
  • The vehicle is then photographed and any loose parts are cataloged. 
  • If your vehicle does not drive or does not have functional steering/suspension/brakes at drop off please notify us before you arrive so that we can ensure the safe unloading of your vehicle. 
  1. Build Process
  • Now we get to the fun part!
  • You will receive weekly updates and invoices for the work completed
  • Payment is due weekly
  • The Fabrication team will send photo updates along the way
  • If our team has any questions during the build process we will reach out via your preferred contact method
  • During the entire build process, our team continuously evaluates your goals, estimate, and budget.
  • For large projects, we will have regular project update meetings with you to discuss the progress, any complications that come up, your goals, and anything else that is needed!
  • All cages installed in-house will receive the appropriate certification by our local NHRA inspector
  • All cages are designed and installed per NHRA and SFI specs
  • Cages are CAD designed
  • You are welcome to stop by and see the progress anytime! 
  • Some builds may require you to visit for fittings. Example: Custom seat mounting, steering columns, pedals, and chute handle placement. If you are unable to visit, we can still provide custom components off of measurments.
  1. Project Completion
  • Once your project is complete we will schedule pickup
  • We will photograph your vehicle and provide you with the photos
  • If you would like all of the progress photos that are taken throughout the build we can provide those via flash drive 
  • We offer photo books. If you would like a photo book made of your build please let our staff know at drop off. 
  • At pickup, we will go over your project front to back. We want you to look over every inch of your vehicle so that we can ensure 100% satisfaction. Our team will assist you with loading your vehicle onto a trailer. 
  • We offer scaling and plotting on in-house builds


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