What Cert Do I Need???

Choosing your cage is a HUGE decision! There are a lot of factors to consider, we want to make sure that you’re selecting the best cage for right now as well as for the future of your build. Planning for the future can help you save money and time throughout the course of your build. Our first priority is keeping you SAFE. Here are a few factors in selecting the best cage:

Factor #1 : How fast are you running? How fast do you PLAN to run?

Planning for the future goals of your build will be the most economical option. It can cost a bit more up front, but saves you time and money later when you don't have to take any steps backwards. An 8.50 may or may not be the best place to start. If you don't have goals of going faster than 8.50 or 180mph, then it's the best choice.   However, if you plan to run faster than your 8.50 cage allows, then you may want to look at other options. We often recommend an 8.50 cage with a 25.5 or 25.3/2 floor structure. It does require you to do the floor structure initially, but it is much easier to upgrade later. Upgrading a standard 8.50 to a 25.5 (or higher) later can be exceptionally difficult and most end up cutting out their 8.50 and starting over.

Factor #2 : Are you installing the cage yourself? What type of welding are you comfortable with? 

SFI and NHRA have rules on how cages can be welded as well as what material each cert can be made of:

  • NHRA 8.50 cert cages can be mild steel or chromoly
  • SFI 25.5 cert cages can be mild steel or chromoly
  • SFI 25.3, 25.2, and 25.1 MUST be chromoly
  • Mild Steel can be MIG or TIG welded
  • Chromoly must be TIG welded

Factor #3 : How much does your car weigh? Each cert has maximums:

  • 25.5 3600lbs MAX
  • 25.3 3600 lbs MAX
  • 25.2 3200 lbs MAX
  • 25.1 2800 lbs MAX

 The frequently asked questions we get:

 What options are there? 

We do our absolute best to provide solutions for as many car configurations as possible. Stock interior, non stock interior, stock door panels, retaining the back seat, etc. We have TONS of options for our 8.50s

What support is available?

  • We offer support 7 days a week! We want to make sure your cage is installed safely/correctly and are more than happy to help guide you through your install. To get install help after normal business hours, just send a facebook message or email us! 
  • We also have a guide book for each cage with critical measurements and some reference photos. 
  • For SFI cert cages it is highly recommended that you purchase the correct SFI Chassis Book (which are now available on our website)

What certifications do you offer for cage kits?

We currently offer: 

  • NHRA 8.50
    • 8.50 cert is required for cars running between 8.50 and 9.99 seconds and slower than 180mph in the 1/4 mile. Cars running faster than 8.50 or exceeding 180 mph must have an SFI certified cage
    • For 1/8 mile, 8.50 is good to 5.50 seconds ET or 125 mph
  • SFI 25.5E Full Bodied Car Stock or Modified/OEM Floorpan and Firewall with OEM frame or unibody construction
    • 7.50 to 8.49 seconds ET
    • 3600lbs MAX
  • SFI 25.3D Full Bodied Car with Aftermarket Body Shell and Tube Frame, OEM Body Shell and OEM Frame with OEM or Modified Floorpan and Firewall, or Uni-Body with OEM or Modified Floorpan and Firewall Roll Cage
    • 6.50 to 7.49 seconds ET
    • 3600 lbs MAX
  • SFI Spec 25.2E  Full Bodied Car Tube Chassis
    • 6.00 to 7.49 seconds ET
    • 3200 lbs MAX
  • SFI Spec 25.1K Full Bodied Car Tube Chassis
    • 7.49 seconds and quicker
    • 2800 lbs MAX

 What if I mess up a tube? 

NO problem! We offer replacement tubes. Replacement tubes are sold at exact cost plus exact shipping. Mistakes happen, and we're always here to help. 


Do you offer custom cages? 

We can often provide solutions that aren't listed on our website. Not everything is possible in a notched kit option, but we do our best to provide you with exactly what you need. 


Still unsure of what cage will be best/safest for you? We are here to help! Call, email, or send us a message and we’ll help you decide what will be best for your build.



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